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Butter and Beam – All Aboard

As most bloggers mention, I’ve tossed back and forth for years as to whether or not I should have a blog… “Should I write a blog about this” was somewhat of a lifestyle in itself for a few years. I would hop on and off at stops along the way in life but ultimately, I would never commit.

Yea, you’ve heard that story before. But here is me saying this will be different.

Guys, this is just a lifestyle blog!

HA No. That was a lie. It is NOT what I view as a lifestyle blog – let’s be clear, I don’t intend to tell anyone how to live their life or to have you buy the things I buy, or eat the things I eat, or workout the way I workout (ha – that suggests I workout)….

I simply aim to share how I have made it here, how I continue to move from here, and I hope that it resonates with some of you, and maybe, just maybe, y’all are excited to join me on that journey as we move forward. Of course, first I do have to fill you in on how it really is how I got here, writing this blog, anticipating how it will ultimately be received and waiting with bated breath for the day I get my first comment. Continue reading “Butter and Beam – All Aboard”